Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Time for confessions(:

Confession #1: I have many fears.. but theres only one that scares me to death
Confession #2: I hate myself. I hate how I look, how I act, who I am. And I think Im fat.
Confession #3: Sometimes I wish bad things would happen to me, so people would notice me, and realize that I exist
Confession #4: I am in love. And it scares me more than anything ever has. But its a good scary.
Confession #5: I want 8 Piercings, and 8 Tattoos
Confession #6: I have dyed my hair so many times, I dont remember what color it is.
Confession #7: Sometimes I want to hurt myself. To the point of never coming back
Confession #8: Sometimes, I dont believe in God.
Confession #9: I miss you. Even if you hurt me, day after day.
Confession #10: I am addicted to sugar, and caffiene. I have an obsession with Harry Potter, Knee socks, Ducks, Horror Movies, and acting Childish.
Confession #11: I hate my parents for homeschooling me.
Confession #12: If I ever met Johnny Depp, I would probably Die right there
Confession #13: Im scared to grow up.
Confession #14: I get Jealous way too easy. And I get annoyed way too easy
Confession #15: I am jealous of Sammy's Hair(:
Confession #16: I am a nerd. I love reading, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Online Games, World of Warcraft, and Runescape.
Confession #17: I have over 250 books in my bookshelves, Ive only read about half of them. Im addicted to buying books ♥
Confession #18: I'm addicted to monster
Confession #19: I act confident, and outgoing. But Inside Im scared and really just want to be left alone. But you know thats a lie. I couldnt live without people.
Confession #20: it takes alot to make me hate you. I might dislike you sometimes, but no matter what, Ill always be there for you. Thats just the kind of friend I am.
Confession #21: Im extremely self conscious about the way I smell, at all times I will be wearing Body Spray, Lotion, and Deoderant
Confession #22: I like to piss people off. Im really good at it too.
Confession #23: I havent forgiven you. I dont know if I ever will.
Confession #24: Im scared to lose you. So I might never completely be myself around you. Dont be mad at me.
Confession #25: I forever feel alone. Like no one wants me. Like im not good enough for anyone. Like no one cares. Am I wrong?
Confession #26: I like someone who is like 3 years younger than me
Confession #27: When I was younger, I had a disease in my leg. It was extremely painful. It healed up, but sometimes it still bothers me.
Confession #28: Im a bitch. And I dont care what you think about me. Chances are you deserve it. You dont want to mess with me.
Confession #29: My feelings get hurt really easily.
Confession #30: Im an attention whore.
Confession #31: My singing will make your ears bleed. But I love to sing.
Confession #32: I dont actually have a talent
Confession #33: I have a memory box, and if you make it in there, you better feel pretty damn lucky♥
Confession #34: I pretty much say "I love you" to everyone, but theres few people I actually mean it with.
Confession #35: Sometimes I think youre only friends with me to hurt me.
Confession #36: Im a hypocrite
Confession #37: I have horrible mood swings
Confession #38: I hate my eyes. And my nose. My eyes are boring and brown, and my nose is too big/:
Confession #39: I love volunteering. Especially with animals♥

Friday, May 27, 2011

Im bored(:

im bored, So im gonna post.
I have about 5 minutes until I have to go clean the upstairs bathroom and get ready to go fill out applications,
Then I get to see my amazing boyfriend<3
[[Nobody's Home- Avril Lavigne]]
Blegh, Im editing a photo right now, Ill put it up here when Im done.
Oh hey, heres a random quote(:
“Eventually I discovered for myself the utterly simple prescription for creativity; be intensely yourself. Don’t try to be outstanding; don’t try to be a success; don’t try to do pictures for others to look at – just please yourself.”~Ralph Steiner
Youre welcome(: Hehe.
*Back to editing photo*
Freaking picnik freaked out on me *has to restart*
[[Its my life- Bon Jovi]]
OH! I saw Bon Jovi live(: Thats right, be jealous. It was AMAZING. Too bad my mom was sick/: She  got through it, but she wasnt happy. We had to have Joe drive us(: And he almost got us hit!!!
*Now back to editing photo*
[[Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]]
RJA is going on a tour with RED!!!
[[I like it- Enrique Iglesias]]
Heres the picture(:
Now I get to do my make up to get ready(:
Or maybe not.. Cant find my make up.. >.<
Yay!! found my make up!
And changed my outfit again!
Hopefully this looks okay
Its kinda hot >.<
Okay, Im finished and going to get on my way :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silly(: Baby names I guess(:

Me and my wonderful boyfriend were messing around yesterday and decided to come up with baby names(:
Heres the ones for the girls (We arent going to have 26 kids, but just for fun(: ) :
Alice Brooklynn
Brianna Stewert
Cherry Renee
Denise Nichole
Elaina Hope
Faylinn Joy
Georgia Rain
Hannah Marie
Iara Rose
Jenna Riley
Krystal Dawn
Lindy Michelle
Mariah Camille
Norah Jane
Orianthi Victoria
Penelope Grace
Quinne Elizabeth
Rebecca Josephine
Sara Kimberly
Tara Anne
Violet Skye
Wendy Belle
Zoey Scarlett

Boys names:
Andrew Ryan
Bradley Jonathan
Connor Jackson
Darren Sean
Edward Marcus
Forrester James
Garrett Scott
Henry Charles
Isiah Wesley
Jacob Adams
Kristian Michael
Liam Joseph
Morgan Kent
Nathanial Chase
Peter Thomas
Ronald Arthur
Stanley Reese
Tucker Jones
Victor Anthony
William Paul

Whatchyall think?

Wow, I havent posted in a long time xDD

Hehe, Hey guys, not that theres many reading this(:
I havent posted in like TWO months
not much has really happened,
Zach broke up with me on April 1st. Haha, big deal(:
Then May 12th I started dating this amazing guy named John(:
I got my nose pierced too!!
Yay me(: Haha, it didnt hurt too bad actually
And I went to a cardboard boat regatta, which Ill maybe put pics of up later
Heres some pictures of stuff to check out(:
Sorry this is a short post, Ill do a longer one later
Me and John(:

My nose pierced(: