Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List

It's never too early to start a summer bucket list! It's me and my boyfriends first real summer together, so we are planning on doing a lot! Or so we hope. We are still coming up with a list, but here is what we have so far:

Go to the waterpark
Shoot our own fireworks on the 4th of July
Go camping
Go to a baseball game (And play our own!)
Go Ice Skating
Have a Harry Potter marathon
Go to the Botanical gardens in Austin
Go to the Zoo
Make our own Video
Have our own cute photoshoot
Stay up on the phone ALL night
All day gaming (Video games, card games, board games, all kinds of games!)
Walk around downtown Round Rock all day (Taking pictures as we go!)
Spend all day at the library
Make buildabears!
Dollar menu adventure (Go to different fast food places and order one thing off of the dollar menu at each place)
Hide and seek in Ikea
Play "house" in Ikea (500 days of summer?)
Watch movies while on the phone together
Write a song (music and all)
Find a stuffed animal and take pictures of it everywhere we go, and with different people
Go to the park, and have a picnic
Wreak havoc in walmart
Go on a super fancy date
Hold up a free hugs sign, at the mall
Take pictures with (And of) complete strangers
Watch movies ALL day
Blow bubbles
Dish soap war
Watch the sunrise and sunset
Go lasertagging
Go bowling
Go to Chuckecheese
Go rock climbing
Feed the ducks
Build things out of legos
Steal a shopping cart
Make our own language
Go to Round Rock's Sidewalk Chalk Festival
Spray paint shirts
Go to Six Flags
Dress like Zombies
Wear beards and mustaches, everywhere we go
"Theater hop" (See parts of like 5 different movies, easiest done at a dollar theater)
Pajama day
Bake all day
Get tattoos
Scavenger hunt at the mall
Sleep together all night (Sleep sleep)
Plant a tree
Try all 31 baskin robin flavors
Go to a concert
Have a bonfire
Play in the rain
Catch fireflies
Make a scrapbook
Carve our names into a tree
Go to Ihop at 2 am
Tye dye
Make soda popsicles
Eat 1,000 popsicles (Each)
Have a lemonade stand
Spend ALL day in the pool
Go paintballing
Race in shopping carts
Pillow fight
Buy a kiddie pool (Fill kiddie pool with whip cream, or chocolate or something and sit in it)
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Take a picture everyday, all summer
Go swimming at midnight
Kiss underwater
Color a coloring page everyday (Then hang it on wall)
Go to the lake
Go to a haunted house
Drive for hours and take pictures at random places
Make a giant cookie
Climb a tree to the top
Go to the carnival
Build a fort
Go to the Aquarium
Make homemade ice cream
Make a wish tree
Flashlight tag
Play minigolf
Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
Go to the different museums in Austin
Go to the underground caverns
Make a time capsule
Go to a drive in movie

That's all we have for now!