Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pictures of Monica, Joe, Jackie, Audrey, and Heather

Here are some of the pictures I took over the last week or so. I dont have them all edited/uploaded yet, but heres some of them

Monica first: We did a "Soft and Innocent" "Dead and Gone" "Heartbroken" "Red lips" and a "Dark Fairytale" Shoot.
The first, Soft and Innocent, I tried to make her seem very girly, and pretty, shes wearing pink and very soft make up. Heres some pics: (Sorry this is so tiny, i had to find a way to make them all fit and not look funny, I hate the way blogger is doing it now. I will post a link to the pictures at the bottom)

The next shoot we did was Dead and Gone, in this one, she is supposed to be.. well..dead
Heres some photos
The next shoot was Heartbroken, in this shoot she was supposed to be crying, and looking torn up like her boyfriend just broke up with her.
The next one was red lips, and it was fun and flirty and stuff like that. Just focuses on her lips with red lipstick

And the last one for monica, was dark fairytale. In this one I wanted it to be kind of fancy and stuff. with a nice dress, and red lipstick. 

The next person I took pictures of, was Joe. I dont have very many of him edited yet, but i will post more later probably.
The first set of pictures are just regular old pictures of him, smiling and laughing and such.
The last set I did (I know there is two in between, but Ill do those later) was a sort of gay rights thing, heres a preview image
And the ones from Jackie, the first one was a soft sweet one, really pretty

The second set I did of Jackie was a more elegant one.

The last two people I took pictures of was Audrey and Heather.
First set of audrey:
First set of Heather:

Heather and Audrey:

Thats just a few of the pictures I have so far. More laters

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