Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Time for confessions(:

Confession #1: I have many fears.. but theres only one that scares me to death
Confession #2: I hate myself. I hate how I look, how I act, who I am. And I think Im fat.
Confession #3: Sometimes I wish bad things would happen to me, so people would notice me, and realize that I exist
Confession #4: I am in love. And it scares me more than anything ever has. But its a good scary.
Confession #5: I want 8 Piercings, and 8 Tattoos
Confession #6: I have dyed my hair so many times, I dont remember what color it is.
Confession #7: Sometimes I want to hurt myself. To the point of never coming back
Confession #8: Sometimes, I dont believe in God.
Confession #9: I miss you. Even if you hurt me, day after day.
Confession #10: I am addicted to sugar, and caffiene. I have an obsession with Harry Potter, Knee socks, Ducks, Horror Movies, and acting Childish.
Confession #11: I hate my parents for homeschooling me.
Confession #12: If I ever met Johnny Depp, I would probably Die right there
Confession #13: Im scared to grow up.
Confession #14: I get Jealous way too easy. And I get annoyed way too easy
Confession #15: I am jealous of Sammy's Hair(:
Confession #16: I am a nerd. I love reading, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Online Games, World of Warcraft, and Runescape.
Confession #17: I have over 250 books in my bookshelves, Ive only read about half of them. Im addicted to buying books ♥
Confession #18: I'm addicted to monster
Confession #19: I act confident, and outgoing. But Inside Im scared and really just want to be left alone. But you know thats a lie. I couldnt live without people.
Confession #20: it takes alot to make me hate you. I might dislike you sometimes, but no matter what, Ill always be there for you. Thats just the kind of friend I am.
Confession #21: Im extremely self conscious about the way I smell, at all times I will be wearing Body Spray, Lotion, and Deoderant
Confession #22: I like to piss people off. Im really good at it too.
Confession #23: I havent forgiven you. I dont know if I ever will.
Confession #24: Im scared to lose you. So I might never completely be myself around you. Dont be mad at me.
Confession #25: I forever feel alone. Like no one wants me. Like im not good enough for anyone. Like no one cares. Am I wrong?
Confession #26: I like someone who is like 3 years younger than me
Confession #27: When I was younger, I had a disease in my leg. It was extremely painful. It healed up, but sometimes it still bothers me.
Confession #28: Im a bitch. And I dont care what you think about me. Chances are you deserve it. You dont want to mess with me.
Confession #29: My feelings get hurt really easily.
Confession #30: Im an attention whore.
Confession #31: My singing will make your ears bleed. But I love to sing.
Confession #32: I dont actually have a talent
Confession #33: I have a memory box, and if you make it in there, you better feel pretty damn lucky♥
Confession #34: I pretty much say "I love you" to everyone, but theres few people I actually mean it with.
Confession #35: Sometimes I think youre only friends with me to hurt me.
Confession #36: Im a hypocrite
Confession #37: I have horrible mood swings
Confession #38: I hate my eyes. And my nose. My eyes are boring and brown, and my nose is too big/:
Confession #39: I love volunteering. Especially with animals♥

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